We celebrate the Book Day

On the occasion of the Book Day, on April 23, at Novaschool Sunland International, we celebrated a day dedicated to encouraging reading through activities related to literature and books.

Edelvives was present in our school with a stand full of books for all ages and tastes, about: astronomy, volcanoes, dinosaurs, bugs, friendship, fantasy…

Students of all ages acquired books and shared moments in nature, with their peers, reading and exchanging books.

In Novaschool Sunland, students from Primary were able to come on April 23 dressed as their favorite fictional characters that appear in books. The teachers also dared and disguised themselves as characters from stories and other books.


In high school, different activities were done in Novaschool Sunland. Among them was the one made by students of Year 9 in which they have been protagonists of a beautiful and innovative creation to promote reading. All of them wrote group fables, which were passed to the computer with illustrations. From this teamwork, about ten fables were bound into a small book.

This book of fables was used to encourage reading in Year 8 and was presented in an activity entitled “blind date with a book the” in which the students of Year 9 presented the fables to the companions of Year 8.

In some years, students gave each other a book as a present and other ingenious literary creations.

The day of the book has been really exciting and enriching. We hope the students have enjoyed as much as the teachers and other staff at Novaschool Sunland International.


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