Celebrating World Children’s Day

Throughout this week our British centre Novaschool Sunland, as a friendly school of Unicef, celebrates World Children’s Day by carrying out different educational activities.

World Children’s Day aims to draw attention to important issues that affect the lives of children and adolescents. Every November 20 this event is celebrated around the world as a commemoration of the date on which the Convention on the Rights of the Child entered into force.

It is a time of global action for children, driven by themselves through school proposals designed to promote their right to participation. The activities we are carrying out help stimulate reflection on children’s rights, foster the capacity for emotional expression and empathy and identify violations of rights as injustices.

Amongst the actions suggested directly by UNICEF we can mention flipped classes, the creation of murals, volunteering, campaigns related to the environment, plastic and performing arts, talent contests. All this allows us to give a voice to children and promote the right of our students to express their opinion and have it considered.

From our educational perspective, we give special importance to the acquisition of participation skills and meaningful learning related to children’s rights and associated responsibilities.

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