Friendly sports tournament between international schools

Today Thursday, June 2, we celebrate a sporting event between the international schools of the area, from 10am to 3pm, here at the sports facilities of Novaschool Sunland International.

This morning our students from Y5 to Y10 take part in a tournament together with those from Laude San Pedro and The English College, bringing together a total of 200 players. The sports practiced are basketball, football and volleyball. The EBA team of Novaschool joins us for the tournament presentation, the delivery of the diplomas to the participating teams and the trophies for the first classified.

From our British centre we encourage the organisation of events between international schools to promote positive experiences and establish relationships between the different educational communities.

The Novaschool Educational Group is a specialist in instilling sports practice from an early age, guaranteeing the physical and emotional well-being of both staff and students. Sport is something that goes beyond physical exercise because it is also a time of learning and socialisation.

Sports competitions in schools have the purpose of reaching specific objectives for the benefit of students, according to their age and athletic development level. Facing a competition, to win or to lose, means creating a balance and a constructive attitude. In addition, learning from mistakes and confronting others allows you to benefit from the progress made.

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