Solidarity collection of material and food for Ukraine

Within the actions that we are carrying out in support of Ukraine from the schools of the Novaschool Educational Group we launch a collection of food and materials that will go to the Ukraine Emergency.

From today Wednesday March 30 to Friday April 8, we encourage the entire educational community of Novaschool Sunland to actively participate in this charitable initiative.

Below, we leave you an indicative list so that each educational stage has some reference products (please take into account the expiration date). Please bring, as far as possible, food and materials in small format – since they are delivered in kits to families – avoiding large containers and glass containers.


Preschool – Food for babies and children: powdered milk, cereals, pots (not glass container), yogurts, milk, smoothies etc.

Reception – Children’s hygiene products: diapers, wipes, gel, shampoo, body cream, comb, dental kit, serum, sterile gauze, bandages etc.

Primary (Y1, Y2, Y3) – School supplies: pencils, markers, waxes, notebooks, coloring books, sharpeners, rubbers, plasticine, card games and other games.

Primary (Y4, Y5, Y6) – Non-perishable foods: cans/preserves, non-perishable prepared food, non-milk chocolate, energy bars, biscuits, cereals, cocoa powder, milk, smoothies, juices etc.

Secondary (Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11) – Personal higiene stuff: gel, shampoo, deodorant, dental kit, compresses, wipes, body cream and parapharmacy products.

Sixth Form (Y12 & Y13) – Snacks: nuts, dried fruits, potatoes, pickles, energy bars.


All the materials and food collected will be destined to Maydan Malaga, a Ukrainian association on the Costa del Sol, which is continuously sending material to the border points where refugees are going.

Thank you for collaborating!

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