Nancy Wallace of Year 4 wins the II Edition of the EIM Learning Micro-story Educational Contest ‘Caring for the environment’.

The Micro-story Educational Contest is an event organised nationally by EIM Learning in collaboration with Progrentis – two companies that work together to provide 100% digital technological solutions to schools in order to offer teachers real-time learning analytics.

The contest aims to encourage creativity, as well as passion for reading and writing, in Primary and Secondary students. It is also a different and funny way to deepen the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015.

The test involves writing a short story of maximum 100 words that deals with one of the three topics indicated according to the educational stage, all related to the environmental care. Our student Nancy has been awarded today as the winner of the first category (Low Primary – from 1st to 3rd of EPO) with her story ‘Lila la limpia’ within the theme ‘If you had superpowers’.


Based on the 2030 Agenda, from Novaschool Educational Group we are working with special attention on the development of competencies for the implementation of the SDGs with the purpose of engaging and motivating the entire educational community to participate actively.

In Novaschool Sunland we are aware of what this means for us as an educational center and the influence we can exert on our students, their families and workers: a very important asset of society, to achieve change by contributing to the taking of measures and implement them.

From our British International Center, we carry out many projects in which pupils design actions that lead them to act in the environment with the intention of improving it. Likewise, we carry out different activities in which students:

  • know and reflect on the SDGs
  • analyse and identify challenges and needs of the environment
  • propose ideas to solve them

This award teaches us that all our efforts continue to be rewarded.

Congratulations Nancy!

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