Novaschool Sunland International joins FESBAL’s Great Food Collection 2021

Throughout this week – from November 19th to 25th – we celebrate the Food Collection Campaign organised nationally by the Spanish Foundation of Food Banks.

As last year, from the Novaschool Educational Group we collaborate with the official food banks registered in FESBAL of the province of Málaga. Our British School, being located in Estación de Cártama, will contribute its donation to BANCOSOL (Food Bank of the Costa del Sol).

This year from Novaschool we want to go one step further, therefore, we will carry out a collection action directly in our centres. We encourage the entire educational community – school staff, students and family members – to participate with a financial donation.

Students who are willing to collaborate can deliver their donation in cash to their tutors, who will be responsible for collecting and carrying the proceeds of their tutoring group to the School Office. In addition, from Novaschool we commit to add 50% of the total amount collected to the donation of all the centres of the educational group.

We hope that with the support and participation of all of us this campaign will be a success in order to make a large donation for those who really need it.

It’s time to donate!

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