Book Fair ‘English Libros’ joins us at Novaschool Sunland International

This Friday 12th of November we host a very exciting event at our British International School: a book fair! We are pleased to welcome ‘English Libros’, a company founded in 2011, which works with some of the major Schools in Spain.

A book fair provides unlimited benefits for both teachers and students:

  • Instills love for reading that lastas a lifetime
  • Fosters the desire and interest t oread regularly
  • Diversifies reading and learning offering students a wide selection of books
  • Accentuates one’s interests by choosing the topics that captivate the most
  • Exposes students to nwe things, discoveries, ideas, information and ways of thinking
  • Facilitates the access to books which are difficult to locate oro ut of print
  • Expose students to different cultures while connecting them with their favourite authors
  • Expands imagination and boosts memory
  • Provides a great opportunity for students aspiring to be authors in the future by motivating the to pursue their dream

Learning is a vital process and literatura is an amazing tool for self-development, education and enjoyment. That is why itis widely present in our British Curriculum and takes a central role in it.

By including literature in education we giveout students a chance to explore the World and develop their critical thinking skills. It expands minds and horizons while building instinct, boosting curiosity and sharpen intuition to start thinking outside the box.

To make this process even more effective, our educational model promotes literature not only as a subject but insists in analysing, reviewing and discussing it. Besides, Reading is one of the most effective ways to expand one’s vocabulary.

Students should definitely take advantage of this event, grasp its power and the benefits of it.

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