Basketball court Inauguration Day

Last Monday, October 4th, we premiered our new basketball court with very special guests: the semi-professional NBL team CB Novaschool.

There is nothing better than a game with our NBL team to inaugurate our new basketball court. We also had the pleasure to host the President of the Novaschool Basketball Club, Susana Aragonés, who inaugurated the court with our principalRachel Evans. Teachers, students and our CEO Francisco Barrionuevo came together to kick off the most anticipated match of the year here at Novaschool Sunland International Our students and teachers participated as spectators at first and then had the opportunity to join the event and play with the team.

Sport is one of the four fundamental pillars of the teaching model of the Novaschool Educational Group and we are very proud of the large number of talented students we have in our school. Basketball is undoubtedly one of the star sports practised in Novaschool and has a great sports and educational project based on different values.

The Novaschool Basketball Club is open to all lovers of this sport, from Primary to Secondary; we provide them with unique facilities where they can enjoy a sporty and competitive environment. It is already a tradition amongst our students, which over time are growing and rising in category:

  • baby basket
  • pre mini basket
  • mini basket
  • kids
  • cadet
  • junior

We have coaches of recognized prestige in the world of Malaga basketball. In addition, our semi-professional team CB Novaschool competes in the NBL National Basketball League.

Please, click on the following link for more information: CB Novaschool | Facebook

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