Team building days at the School Hotel of the Novaschool Educational Group

Novaschool Sunland International presents this year a new initiative for Secondary students: we offer them the opportunity to participate in a few days of coexistence in the school hotel of the Novaschool Educational Group located in the province of Granada.

The idea is to achieve from the beginning of the school year a greater connection and integration of all students, thus allowing a better functioning of the class. The objective is to take advantage of these days to carry out different activities that contribute to the development of communication skills, collaborative group work that enriches the relations between teachers and students.

The Orientation Department of the Novaschool Group also participates in these events directly, developing and defining the dynamics foreseen in the programme according to each class group and its educational stage.

The two-day coexistence in Novaschool Medina Elvira includes:
• Round-trip bus from Novaschool Sunland International
• Dinner on the day of arrival
• Snack
• Lunch of the two days
• Breakfast on the second day
• Support from the monitors and tutors of each class
• Direct participation of professionals in the area of guidance

The excursion is not compulsory, although we would love for all our students from Year 6 to Year 13 to be part of this project. The calendar is already defined for the months to follow until the end of December 2021.

For more details about our School Hotel please click here:

Enjoy the experience!

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