Environmental education project at Novaschool eco-friendly farm

Last Friday 19th of March our Year 12 students took part in a pilot project at the new Novaschool Farm facilities located in Vega de Riarán.

At Novaschool Sunland International we promote and teach our pupils values about caring for the environment, recycling and sustainability from all aspects Therefore, we teach them to follow sustainable habits from a very young age so they can be aware and respectful about our environment and its conservation.

In order to introduce these values and knowledge we believe it is necessary for our students to have hands-on experiences in a rural setting such as our new eco-friendly farm. For us, any educational and training activity carried out in the countryside is considered a social interest.

The activities we propose are focused primarily on the ODS that manage areas such as clean water and sanitation, production and responsible consumption, action by climate and eco life.

This is framed within the curricular programme whereby the study of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) has a key role. From the teachers’ perspective, it is a priority that these kinds of lessons can be developed in a natural environment so that the students leave the classroom and live the experience in a direct way.

The agenda included:

Activity 1: Seminar on contamination on rivers: understanding the impact of the environment in our daily life.

Activity 2: Collection of materials and waste in the Fahala river

Activity 3: Seminar on legislative situation of local rivers.

Activity 4: Seminar on biodiversity and protected areas with a particular focus on the Guadalhorce Valley.

Activity 5: Seminar on organic farming and collection of lemons from the farm trees.

All these activities were developed in small groups and at the end of the day students were given a bag of recycled material with a few kilos of the collected fruit to take home.

You can have a look at some pictures below.