We save water at Sunland!

At Novaschool Sunland we are very involved with environmental awareness and responsible use of natural resources, proof of this has been the recent obtaining of ISO certificates (both quality and environmental). After a year of evaluating and tracking the consumption, we can see the results of this minimization, these being the actions taken:

  • Placement of pearlizers in the taps
  • Change of tanks with double load
  • Talks of internal awareness to both teachers and students
  • Placement of posters for awareness and minimization in rooms and bathrooms
  • Realization of plans and technical instructions for the proper use of resources
  • In addition to carrying out improvements in the facilities of the center during the new works carried out that help responsible consumption.

Today we want to highlight that we have exceeded our proposed goal of reducing water consumption (m3 consumed per person) by 5% compared to the previous year, result that we envisioned by the involvement of all staff and students who do the day to day in Novaschool Sunland.