EBAU Project (selectivity)

Reinforcement project and special EBAU support (selectivity) for our students in their last stage of pre-university study

Our school recognises the fact that many Novaschool Sunland students want to continue their studies in a UK or International University around the world. However, we also concerned when it comes to opening the possibility for our students to study, if they choose, at a Spanish university.

Certainly, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a wide variety of university degrees in Spain that require very high grades to access them. Being aware of this, at Novaschool Sunland we have consolidated an internal project that will allow our students, who are determined to study careers such as: Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, INEF, etc., to achieve it.

How can they do it? By giving all our Year 13 students, who are interested in advanced study, the possibility of reinforcing subjects that are required in the ‘specific’ phase.

For this reason, we launched the ‘EBAU’ project (previously PAU) in 2017 and we continue to expand on its development for this new 2018/2019 academic year.

This internal project is based on the fact that our Year 13 students continue to study their Cambridge A Level subjects, and in parallel with this we create a personalised reinforcement programme for the ‘specific’ subjects students need for the EBAU test, in its specific phase, since the common phase is achieved through a validation process regulated and highly rated by the Ministry of Education in Spain.

Novaschool Sunland has expert teachers, both from Novaschool Sunland itself and from its sister school Novaschool Añoreta, who will come to our school every week and teach our students. Therefore, Novaschool Sunland will be able to offer, with guarantees of success, the following ‘specific’ subjects of the 2nd year of ‘Bachillerato’ Spanish curriculum:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Business Economics
  • History of art
  • Geography
  • Universal Literature

Without a doubt, this internal project allows Novaschool Sunland International to be unique, striving to provide the two possible academic routes for our students, and the ‘EBAU’ project of Sunland is the ideal catapult to achieve this goal every year.