Ms. Evans attends the Cambridge Conference at the British Embassy

Our Principal Ms. Evans was recently invited to a special Cambridge Conference at the British Embassy in Madrid. The prestigious guests included Principals from various International schools in Spain; the British Ambassador of International Trade for Spain and the Senior Manager at Cambridge International Examinations.

Many important issues were discussed including Brexit but the outcome was very positive. Below is a summary of the main points:

  • CIE will continue to offer AS and A Level examinations with the flexible approach unlike the new system adopted in England, (Wales has also voted to maintain the flexible approach). This means that students wishing to continue with A Level can do and carry the points from AS with them as they will contribute to the final grade.
  • CIE have decided not to follow the new numeric grading system (9-1)applied in England and will continue to use letters (A*-G) Wales has also taken this decision.
  • The UK have signed an agreement to say that any Spanish students currently studying in the British educational system will be allowed the same rights if they choose to apply to a British University for the next 6 years, that means that Spanish students will have the same rights as UK students in terms of student loans, admissions etc.
  • The Spanish Ministry are recognising certain A Level subjects as the equivalent of ‘Specificas’.

In addition to this, Novaschool Sunland was chosen to host an International Cambridge training event next year twill bring prestige to our school.