Welcome back to school!

Today our students and parents started a new academic year at Novaschool Sunland International.

New families, new students, and our students from last year who enter a new class with a different teacher and begin a new adventure.

This is going to be a fantastic and happy year at Sunland!

We are very exciting to be back and wish you a happy new academic year at Novaschool Sunland Internartional!.




Sculpture garden

The art students of Key Stage 3 have been planning and creating the sculpture garden at Sunland.
The enthusiastic students created some amusing sculptures from different materials, the ideas have been endless.

We hope to continue next academic year and expand the special attraction.

Art Department,

Ute Schroeter


Novaschool Sunland Rubén Ruzafa Triathlon Campus

For the second year in a row Novaschool will be organizing a triathlon camp in which we have more and more participants each year. A camp where great effort, the desire to improve, and mental strength are required for activities that imply great physical and psychological effort. The psychological effort and the controlling of the mind, are the hardest things to overcome in a triathlon.

The camp will be held at the British School, Novaschool Sunland, from the 16th-22nd of July; for boys and girls ages 6 through 17. We will have two different lodging options: internal and external. Internal, which includes housing and all the services and activities of the camp. External, the camper will participate in all the activities and then will return to eat and sleep. The camper will then return the next day with renewed energy ready for another fun filled day at the summer camp.

In this edition of the camp we will have the privilege to be visited once again by the superstar triathlete, Ruben Ruzafa, seventh time world champion, third time European champion, and who has won 29 XTERRA championships among other awards and championships.

You will be able to train with him every day and have the privilege of listening to his personal experiences throughout his successful sports career. We will also have a Masterclass with three very special guests: Iván Tejero and Patricia Bueno, both of which have placed in the famous ironman competition in Hawaii, and Daniel Pérez, who has won the championship of Spain, internationally three times and has won the championship of Andalucía 19 times. It truly is a privilege to have such talent as a part of the camp.

At Novaschool, sports are considered to be one of the main pillars in the education of our students. We will also enjoy wonderful facilities out in nature, where we will be able to exercise in an optimal way.

For more information please check out:


Bugsy Malone, the Show

Gangsters, love and music in the Cártama theatre

They’ve done it again! The students at Novaschool Sunland International left family and friends amazed after their performance at the Cartama theatre on 6 April. This year’s musical was a Bugsy Malone, a poignant gangster story set in 1920s New York, during the prohibition.


Ms. Evans attends the Cambridge Conference at the British Embassy

Our Principal Ms. Evans was recently invited to a special Cambridge Conference at the British Embassy in Madrid. The prestigious guests included Principals from various International schools in Spain; the British Ambassador of International Trade for Spain and the Senior Manager at Cambridge International Examinations.

Many important issues were discussed including Brexit but the outcome was very positive. Below is a summary of the main points:

  • CIE will continue to offer AS and A Level examinations with the flexible approach unlike the new system adopted in England, (Wales has also voted to maintain the flexible approach). This means that students wishing to continue with A Level can do and carry the points from AS with them as they will contribute to the final grade.
  • CIE have decided not to follow the new numeric grading system (9-1)applied in England and will continue to use letters (A*-G) Wales has also taken this decision.
  • The UK have signed an agreement to say that any Spanish students currently studying in the British educational system will be allowed the same rights if they choose to apply to a British University for the next 6 years, that means that Spanish students will have the same rights as UK students in terms of student loans, admissions etc.
  • The Spanish Ministry are recognising certain A Level subjects as the equivalent of ‘Specificas’.

In addition to this, Novaschool Sunland was chosen to host an International Cambridge training event next year twill bring prestige to our school.


Sunland’s Successful NABSS Inspection!

Dear Parents,
It is with great pride that I am writing to inform you that following our recent Nabss inspection (National Association of British Schools in Spain), today we received the official Certificate from the British Council.

We now have full authorisation for the next six years with review date set for 27th March 2023, and have increased our legal capacity to 550 students.

I would like to thank the staff, parents and students of Novaschool Sunland for all their support in making this happen.

Ms. Evans


Gangsters, love and music in the Cártama theatre

They’ve done it again! The students at Novaschool Sunland International left family and friends amazed after their performance at the Cartama theatre on 6 April. This year’s musical was a Bugsy Malone, a poignant gangster story set in 1920s New York, during the prohibition.

The principal, Rachel Evans, was the master of ceremonies and led way to the musical, which was interpreted, orchestrated and decorated by the Secondary students with great help from Rachel Evans in the performance and stage and Helen Baker in the musical direction.

Once again, family members were delighted proven by the huge round of applause given at the end of the performance. A project of this magnitude requires a serious commitment and continuous hard work that our students took on with responsibility and enthusiasm. Not surprisingly, the Novaschool Sunland International musical has become one of the most anticipated events throughout the educational community each year. Congratulations to everyone for such an excellent job!!



Statistics benchmarking

Statistics benchmarking

This report includes a step-by-step comparison involving Novaschool Sunland International pass rates vs. Other CIE (Cambridge International Examination) Schools in the UK and the rest of the world (more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries worldwide).

Novaschool Sunland Pass Rate Benchmarking A-Level
Novaschool Sunland Pass Rate Benchmarking IGCSE

Cambridge International Examinations Collaboration

Novaschool Sunland International (Malaga) is currently collaborating with CIE Technological Department in piloting a new App that could revolutionise the way all international school deliver the Cambridge syllabi.

At the moment when students have mock exams teachers use past exam papers that contain a fixed set of questions. The idea behind the App is to allow teachers to create a mock exam paper for a particular syllabus on demand and only covering the components/questions they have covered to date.

This should allow teachers to perform a series of smaller, mock tests throughout the year. Allowing them to see how the class is absorbing a particular topic and even help identity students who need extra support to complete the syllabus. Teachers would also be able to print the entire paper at any time.

This will be available on both Android/iPhone but also accessible via the web.

These are exciting time and Novaschool, once again, is at the forefront of new technological advances.

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